Diane and Larry are truly the very best

After unexpectedly finding out we were in receipt of orders for the east coast and knowing we wanted to sell, we didn’t think twice, we knew Diane and Larry were the ones for us. We met Diane back in Dec 2011 when she was working for the builders of the home we bought and from that point we loved her. Although our realtor at the time told us not to make an offer under listing price, Diane was willing to put in the offer and make things happen. She always had our best interest in mind. Diane and Larry have also taken time to give back by throwing block parties and sponsoring garage sales. We’ve had minor hiccups along the way with this sale and Diane has continually managed to get things taken care of and most of all keep us sane! Let’s not forget Larry, he has been an integral part, lending his handyman skills as well as thorough explanations of the entire process. Also he’s left a few tools behind to help start building our own collection of handyman supplies. I honestly wish we could take them back east and hire them to find us a home there. Although Diane didn’t exactly say no to that, she scoped out some homes there and went out of her way to find us a realtor there as well. The effort they have put into this whole process for us has not gone unnoticed and I hope they witness our appreciation and this review leads to more prospects for them. They are truly the best!

— Jessica Grassi